Spring Racing Carnival Special (Free Delivery)


Enjoy the Spring Racing Carnival at home or for a picnic at the park 

Platter is for 8-10 people or grab your Individual Bento box to have one each! 

Option 1 combination box

Medium Combination Platter 

Free delivery $90

20 assorted pieces (approx.) of YNJ 's deluxe range of Sushi, 10 Peking Duck Pancakes and 12 assorted rice paper rolls.  Includes a sweet chilli sauce, hoisin honey dipping sauce and wasabi, ginger and soy.

Option  2 Oriental Platter

Oriental Platter  (L)

Free delivery - 20%Off   $80

50 pieces (approx.) of YNJ 's Peking Duck Pancakes and assorted rice paper rolls, including a sweet chilli sauce and hoisin honey dipping sauce.

Option 3   Chicken Bento Box or Teriyaki Salmon Bento Box

Crispy Chicken Box $25

(Minium order 4)

Teriyaki Salmon Box $25

 (Minimum order 4)

Cold Japanese Obento Boxes.  Ready to go for your picnic!

Chopsticks, Soy, Wasabi, and dipping sauce included.

Free Delivery

Minium order is a combination of 4 Bento Boxes. 


Order must be placed by 6pm Monday the 9th of November 2020